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Reader's Favorite Five Stars

"A Wallop of Worries"

Reviewed by:

Doreen Chombu 

Review Rating: 

5 Stars 

A Wallop of Worries is a children's picture book by Alyssa Hurley with illustrations by Vicky Kuhn. The book is a guide with exercises to help children overcome their fears. Whenever children feel trapped, and their minds are filled with scary thoughts, the author advises them to control their breathing and remember that they are safe and loved. The tips include using positive affirmations and sensory redirecting tasks, focusing on things that make kids feel peaceful and calm, and knowing that their worries will eventually pass and that they will be okay. Get a copy of this book and teach your kids how to overcome their fears.

Everyone suffers from stress. It does not matter whether you are an adult or a child, we all have fears. In A Wallop of Worries, Alyssa Hurley helps young readers understand their feelings and gives them advice on how to control their emotions. She uses poetic narration and provides excellent descriptions of how we can recognize when we are scared. The feeling of being gripped by vines, a racing heart, and being small and out of control are all signs of fear. These will help children to be aware of their feelings and encourage them to carry out the mental exercises included in this book. Children’s minds are fragile, and teaching them to cope with their emotions can help their mental growth. I enjoyed reading this book and loved the beautiful illustrations that corresponded with the text perfectly. The natural surroundings and calm color tones give the narrative a tranquil vibe, which aligns with its message. I recommend parents and caregivers read this book with their children and learn how to control their concerns together.

Reader Views Five Star Review

“A Wallop of Worries” by Alyssa Caparaso Hurley

  • 11/15/2023


A Wallop of Worries

Alyssa Caparaso Hurley
Cherish Editions (2023)
ISBN: 978-1915680068
Reviewed by Diana Coyle for Reader Views (10/2023)

In “A Wallop of Worries” by Alyssa Caparaso Hurley, the author has penned a wonderful picture book teaching children different ways in which they can do things to calm and center themselves when they feel stressed and the situation feels out of control for them. She teaches them different methods that are safe for the child and in the end, allows the child to actually calm down and feel in control again. She presents fun and safe ways that children can use to calm themselves when feeling stressed and out of control. She tells them to repeat different mantras such as, “All will be well, and I am okay.” It’s a simple, but to-the-point mantra the child can remember and repeat as needed. I think it’s wonderful to teach a child a simple action that could give back to them tenfold.

She also offers children a list of things they can do to help them feel better such as: singing a song, drinking hot cocoa, getting a hug, talking to a friend, doing some exercise, drawing a picture, and doing something nice for someone else. All of these are wonderfully positive things that can help not only the stressed child but teach them to do something nice for someone else as well.

Another unique and creative thing she teaches them is to use all five senses to find things around them that will help calm them down. From speaking out loud something you do best, to using your eyes to see things around you and list them. She also adds, find something near you that you can hear, use your fingers to find something you can touch, and lastly, imagine something that tastes really good. These are all easy things children can do, which helps them step away from the stress and into a safe zone of doing things to keep their minds occupied. I love her approach to calming children down by doing simple little actions to help them regain control.

Alyssa Caparaso Hurley provides children with empowering ways for them to conquer their fears and worries productively while allowing them to feel safe and in control of these stressful situations. She writes in a fun and creative rhyming verse to grab the child’s attention immediately. I feel she presents her ideas in an easy format that allows children to learn something fun and exciting without realizing it, while they are also decompressing and de-stressing in the learning process.

Vicky Kuhn is a UK illustrator who has masterfully created characters that children will enjoy looking at while they’re learning their new de-stressing techniques created by the author. She uses watercolors and colored pencils to create whimsical characters every child can relate to.

I liked that the author told the children that it’s okay to experience fears and worries, and by learning her wonderful techniques, the children can focus on other things while gaining a sense of empowerment over their difficult feelings and situations in which they find themselves. This will make them feel better and calmer after practicing just a handful of her creative de-stressing techniques. Honestly, even adults could use these techniques because they can be universally adapted to fit your age.

Overall, I found this to be a fantastic book to give to any child in your life to help them learn positive techniques to calm themselves down when they feel overwhelmed. I feel it would be a wonderful book to read to your child and use it as a way to talk to them and see what their thoughts are. I feel this book would be a great addition to the classroom syllabus allowing the teacher to teach the students these creative ways they can positively get rid of stress and diminish their worries. Early Readers and preschoolers will enjoy this book because of the rhyming sentences and simple pictures created to tell the story. I highly recommend “A Wallop of Worries” by Alyssa Caparaso Hurley!

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Mom's Choice Awards

Gold Award Recipient

Reedsy Review

Must read 🏆

It is a magnificent story that offers children helpful phrases and tips that can turn negative feelings into positive ones.


Take a deep breath

and remember to say:

"All will be well,

and I am okay."

It's no secret that children experience anxiety and stress, just like grown-ups do. The only difference is that adults know what they're feeling, and they often have the self-care techniques to cope. It's time to give kids the same tools - and that's precisely what Alyssa Caparaso Hurley provides in A Wallop of Worries.

This book teaches children a slew of techniques, from sensory mindfulness to positive thinking to words of affirmation, to help them through tough times. All the self-care tips and uplifting mantras come in easy-to-remember rhymes, so kids will have no trouble repeating them when they feel overwhelmed. In the end, young readers will realize they can work with their minds to let go of the wallop of worries they feel - and get back to being their happy, de-stressed selves once again.


Fear. Anxiety. Worry. Stress. Sadness. These emotions are not limited to adults; children face them as well, and they, like grown-ups, might have difficulty coping with them. 


Alyssa Caparaso Hurley has created a magnificent story that offers children helpful phrases and tips that can turn negative feelings into positive ones. When a kid is consumed with worry over everything that needs to be done, the writer encourages them to say, "It will get better, do one thing at a time. I can't get to the top, without having to climb." 


Meeting new people and going to new places can also be overwhelming to some people. Again, the author advises on what can get you through this nerve-racking time. Whether you need a mental pep talk or an activity suggestion to redirect your thoughts, you'll find it here in this beautifully illustrated and written storybook. Even though A Wallop of Worries' target audience is young kids, I foresee many adults benefiting from its contents. The mental pick-me-ups and the reminders to enjoy the little things in life can pertain to readers of all ages. 


Life can be hectic and can affect us mentally. We are all bogged down with work: day job, school, or both. Then, we all experience positive and negative feelings surrounding the day's events. If you need help dealing with your feelings, this book is for you! If you notice your child is overwhelmed but has trouble expressing their emotions, share this book with them. This calming, reassuring, resourceful children's book would be perfect for any home, school, or therapist's office. 


Self-care is important. I recommend sharing A Wallop of Worries with your child(ren). Practice the uplighting rhymes. Focus on your positive attributes. What makes you proud! Do something fun, like enjoying a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. This good book! 



Kameron Brook

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